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March 04 2011
Posted by Hot Porn Pics  [ 10:29 ]
3D Cartoons - Raunchy School
Talk at principal's ends in cum shower for a girl
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November 18 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:13 ]

Lust Comics

Lisa had finally convinced herself to head down to the gym of her apartment building after talking herself out of working out for far too long. When she got down there though she realized that it was more of a private gym belonging to two of the guys from her building because no one else was around at all. As she walked in the men looked at her with a smile and she asked if it would be okay for her to come in and workout, the fellows invited her in without hesitation.

At first Lisa started to workout, ignoring the chaps staring at her but when she came around the side of one of the machines she noticed that one of the men had his dick out. She couldn’t stop staring, she knew she shouldn’t but it was the biggest weenie she had ever set eyes on and she couldn’t help but stare. He smiles at her and waved his penis in his hand and it was then that Lisa decided that a much more fun workout would be trying to take on two big weenies at the same time!

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November 15 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 14:55 ]

Hentai Mania

Hiyo and Ija were supposed to be working on their final project for school but instead the two of them found a network of secret passages that ran throughout the school grounds and they decided to investigate those instead. It was clear that the passages had been used recently, they weren’t dusty or dirty, instead they were perfectly clean. The honeys started exploring them until they found themselves a little lost in one of the back passages. When they realized that they were lost Hiyo realized that this was her opportunity to seduce her gorgeous coed friend!

Hiyo pushed Ija up against the wall and slipped her hand between her legs, she could feel her vagina getting wetter already through her panties. Hiyo slipped her fingers under those panties and slid them down and then she pushed Ija back and buried her face down inside that tight wet slit. She could taste the sweetness on her tongue and she felt Ija pushing back, riding her tongue and moaning so loud that Hiyo was certain that they’d get caught. Soon the two of them were teasing and fucking each other like crazy!

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November 12 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:54 ]

Gay Cartoon

Alexander and Maurie had been working on an amateur film for a few months but the project had finally come to a standstill since neither of them could come up with a way to finish the story. Each night the two of them would get together and Alexander would hold that cam as Maurie would try his best to come up with something but after a week of coming up with nothing they decided that they really needed to try something new.

Alexander put the camera down on the table and walking over to Maurie he grabbed him from behind. As he ran his hands over Maurie’s chest he let them fall lower until he was touching that plump rod. Alexander felt his dick responding and without any words at all the both of them stripped off and fell to the floor. Alexander grabbed Maurie from behind, his hands moving down to stroke Maurie’s strong knob. As he pressed harder against Maurie he felt his dick sliding slowly in to that tight puckered dark hole little by little. Maurie pushed back against him and before they knew it the two of them were fucking each other hard and fast!

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November 10 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 14:28 ]

Evil Comics

Aurora and her entire crew had been working for months to perfect their droid program. The objective of their entire mission had been to land on Cluster 18 and create a droid civilization before heading back to planet Earth. Aurora had been so vested in the project that she’d had little to no contact with the rest of the crew for the past two months while she was perfecting Droid X47. She had finally got him just right, at least she thought she had but when things got down to it there was something that she didn’t know about Droid X47 – he had a libido, the type of libido that no one could keep up with.

Aurora had taken Droid X47 out to see how he reacted to the atmosphere outside of the ship and when he started to move further from the ship she followed him until they found themselves out in the middle of no where. It was then that Droid X47 turned around and ripped all of Aurora’s clothes off in one swipe. Aurora was shocked but as soon as she felt the droids cold metal appendages fondling against her smooth vagina she couldn’t help but beg for more!

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October 11 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 16:04 ]

Lust Comics

Ivy had been working hard to get the ship back up and running for over a week now and so far she had had no luck. She was tired and her whole body had begun to ache from the manual labor so she decided that she was going to go up to the top deck to get some cool air. When she got up there there was no one to be seen and she had expected as much since everyone was just about as busy as she had been. Looking around she decided to slip out of her clothes and enjoy the breeze over her naked body.

As Ivy lay there completely naked she felt something move beside her and before she could turn around she felt its spines attatch to her sides. She had heard all about the natives of this planet and their insatiable libidos but now that one had its spines in her she had to admit that it turned her on. Every touch made her pussy wetter and she couldn’t stop imagining what it would finally be like once one of them slid a spine deep in to her tight moist pussy!

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October 08 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 14:43 ]

Hentai Mania

Atashi had been assigned to work with Dentai for their final project in chemistry class and the two of them had been working together for months. Finally the day before their presentation was due the two of them got together at Atashi’s apartment to try and work through everything to make sure that they had everything organized. They had been working for a few hours when Atashi started to yawn. Dentai laughed and asked if she needed a nap and she flashed a smile and told him that no, she just needed something to wake her up.

Dentai knew just the thing to wake her up and as she bent over to lean across the carpet and get something he grabbed her from behind. At first Atashi was shocked, she wasn’t sure what Dentai was doing but then she felt his chunky cock rubbing against her panties and she couldn’t help herself. She gave in. She spread her legs and as she took a deep breath she felt Dentai slide his huge ramrod deep inside her tight wet vagina. She was definitely awake now, she couldn’t believe how great it felt with his dick inside her tight hole!

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October 05 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:15 ]

Gay Cartoon

Tad had been driving downtown on the lookout for someone to pick up and take back home for a little “no strings attached” kind of fun. He had yet to see any men that suited his liking but when he drove past an alley he did see two men beating up a third guy. Tad couldn’t just drive past so he pulled his car in to the alley and as he did so the other two guys made a break for it. Tad ran over to see if the third man was okay. He was spread out on the floor moaning.

Tad asked him if he was okay and if there was anything he could do to help him but the boy just kept saying thank you and asking if there was anything he could do for Tad. Tad recognized that he was going in to shock and quickly he pulled down his pants and slipped the strangers knob in to his mouth in an attempt to catch him and snap him out of it. It seemed to work because the stranger forgot all about being beaten and started to fuck Tad’s warm smooth mouth like there was no tomorrow!

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October 03 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:45 ]

Evil Comics

Gia had been working alongside the droids for weeks without any human interaction. She had been secluded in her lab on the ship for approximately six weeks attempting to find a cure for the sickness that had taken over the rest of the ship’s crew. She didn’t dare go out in to the general population until she had figured out a way to combat the sickness but she was also starving for affection and the longer she spent in seclusion the sexier the droids started to look to her. Finally Gia turned to one of the droids and commanded him to fuck her.

The droid was only programmed to meet her demands and instantly his shiny gold rod emerged from his armor and he wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her on to his knob. As Gia felt that hard shiny gold dick slide in to her tight vagina she couldn’t believe how outstanding it felt and abandoning all inhibitions she had about fucking a droid she started to let herself go. That slender hard droid dick knew how to hit all of the right places and as it pounded her harder and faster she felt herself cumming to the edge of ecstasy.

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August 31 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 17:06 ]

Lust Comics

Reena had been bound to her lab on the ship for weeks trying to find the outcome of a cross pollination experiment her captain had begged her to complete. She felt like she hadn’t even moved from her desk in about three days and finally she decided that it was time to get out of the ship for a while. The weather outside was consummate, warm and a little humid, just right for walking around completely naked. It wasn’t like there was anyone around to watch her anyway so Reena slipped out of her uniform and walked down to the stream where she could feel the warm water lapping at her skin.

As she slipped in to the water though she felt something wrap around her legs, something long and moist. She wanted to panic but she suddenly felt calm as though there were absolutely nothing to worry about. Looking down she saw it, underneath her perfectly trimmed vagina she saw the alien creature staring up at her pink cunt. She could see it drooling in anticipation of teasing her snatch and she knew she shouldn’t get close to the alien being but she just couldn’t help herself.

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August 28 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 07:44 ]

Hentai Mania

Ranma had been aching to feel Akane’s tight twat around his dick for about as long as he could remember. After she finally said yes to going out on a date with him though he realized that getting to feel her tight cunt around his rod wasn’t going to be as easy as he originally thought. They had been seeing each other for months and yet she had still to give in and agree to nail him. When she asked Ranma to go out on a walk in the woods with him one weekend he just knew that it was his chance!

As they walked Akane started to get tired so Ranma suggested that they sit down for a rest. As they sat there Ranma reached over and brushed his hand under her skirt. She didn’t stop him this time and Ranma knew that he was in for some fun! As he felt her tight juicy love bud on his fingers his penis started to get rock solid and as he unzipped his pants and let that dick free he could see her eyes getting huge. As she watched him he felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter!

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August 25 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 10:21 ]

Gay Cartoon

Reggie had been eyeing the new dude at work, his ass was so tight and round and it was all Reggie could do to stop himself from daydreaming about teasing that ass all day every day! Well one day a few weeks ago when Reggie stayed late to work on catching up on some paperwork he looked over from his desk and saw that Daniel was still at work as well. He flashed him a shy smile and got back to work. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when Reggie looked up and saw Daniel standing there at his desk and he had a raging rod.

Reggie stared at that plump strong knob that was begging to get out of Daniels pants and he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. Finally he lifted his eyes to meet Daniels with a smile and Daniel nodded at him. No sooner had Daniel nodded than his pants were around his ankles and Reggie was teasing that big knob with his lips and his tongue. He wanted to feel that fat dick deep in his tight ass and he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore!

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